Your Social Status Update Distribution Genie

You and your team write & publish social status updates on your own WordPress blog. We automatically distribute them to the right Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social network accounts within seconds...

Automatically send selected entries from any RSS feed to yourself via email, to Evernote, or convert them to social status updates, with no effort...

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You do the configuration once. We use your defined source to automatically send status updates to your desired social network and other destinations.


We create and publish your social updates on the target accounts within seconds of it being published on the source, if the source uses Pubsubhubbub technology. if not, then the updates are published within an hour.


All the features, benefits, and power that we provide at your fingertips cost absolutely nothing.

Team Collaboration

Your team members publish their social status updates on one central WordPress blog that you own. We automatically publish those updates on your social network accounts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) according to the rules defined by you. Unlimited free team collaboration!

RSS To Email

Define your favorite RSS feeds as sources, define your email address as a target destination in our system. We will send new RSS feed entries to you via email, optionally filtered by keyword.

RSS To Tweets

Define RSS feeds that you want to use as sources for tweets, define your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other networks as destinations. We automatically create tweets and social status updates from new RSS feed entries, optionally filtered by keyword.